Clid Systèmes

Engineering department

Whatever the specific requirements of your project, our engineering department is capable of designing tailor-made equipment that will give the best solution.

We are entirely dedicated to our customers’ need for competitiveness and productivity. We therefore follow the latest technologies in our profession and offer the best solutions that have been developed by our engineers. This strong client/supplier partnership ensures that you will always benefit from the most efficient, economical and ecological processes and systems on the market.



Tested and approved!

Our test platform allows us to test and validate the feasibility and the performance of the processes which we develop before their installation!

Our company laboratory has a fully equipped booth with multiaxial robots and a drying oven to test application processes under near industrial conditions.



Collaboration projects 

The creation of competitive centres in France opens up opportunities…why not take them together!

Our company participates and collaborates regularly in research and development within the European Community for potential FUI projects (Fonds Unique Interministériel). We had the pleasure of collaborating with the following companies: Dassault Aviation, Airbus Hélicopter, Safran, Thales Avionics, Zodiac Aerospace, Eurocopter, Aérolia, Daher Aerospace...


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